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We are LATAM Fintech experts ready to Square you UP against the competition.

Our team of savvy marketing professionals know the financial services industry and SaaS economy inside-out. We have the relationships with top-tier media across all markets in Latin America. We study the latest trends so you don’t have to. We build your brand and strengthen your digital image so you can focus on innovating the industry. Our digital-first capabilities elevate your brand to the next level, from an emerging start-up to an industry leader, from existing financial services offerings to new product launches, introducing disrupting concepts to the market, or simply solidifying your Fintech against a sea of competitors.

SquareUP is different from the traditional B2B marketing product. We are backed by the extensive experience of Square Root Marketing, a strategic company that has created a specific portfolio of services for the Fintech sector in Latin America. We don’t just understand trends – we create them. We square you UP against the competition to achieve lasting success in an ever-evolving industry.

Our Clients.

Our clients are our partners in success.

We SquareUP brands we believe in to achieve full potential, at any business stage. Bolster a new start-up? We got you. Rebrand a veteran company? Elevate your digital potential? We’re the partner you need.

Drop us a note and let us deliver the best PR & Marketing solutions for your Fintech.

Client Testimonials

SquareUP Fintech and Square Root Marketing’s deep dive into Mambu’s marketing strategy was brilliant. Their ability to tackle head-on a positioning dilemma by revamping our goals and relaunching our messaging proved effective, just as if it were created internally, with the true essence of the company. Together, we built a new positioning strategy and a targeted lead generation process tailored to our business goals and launched in just a few days with significant results.

Felicia Travaillot
Sr. Marketing Manager Americas


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Our Experts in Fintech.

Andrea Padilla

CEO & Founder

Camila Soares

Account Manager

Alejandro Marval

Content & Digital Director

Andrés Alonso

Content & Social Media Strategist


Communications & Media Relations Lead


Latest Fintech Trends.


Five effects of COVID-19 on the Fintech industry

Similar to other industries, the global Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the Fintech sector in unique ways that have served as both opportunities and setbacks throughout the past six months. Check out this piece from Entrepreneur to read five effects of the pandemic on the industry as well as next steps for a digital future.


Banks don’t have to innovate

Outlining the current and future positioning of banks amid the current situation and as the industry looks toward the future.


Does the future of Banking lie in the hands of neobanks?

“Neobanks:” A bank that operates solely through digital channels. In such a digital-heavy world, are neobanks the future of banking? How are companies evolving to fit the current situation?


Digital comes of age in financial services: reimagining your PR strategy for the new media landscape

As widespread digital connectivity increases, it has become increasingly important for fintech companies to reevaluate public relations strategies to fit the new media landscape. From navigating the social media realm to conducting successful targeted press outreach, Global Banking & Finance Review outlines essential strategies to keep in mind.

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