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SquareUP Strategic Branding

Plan includes

1. Setting the Messaging Framework

  • Your Brand Promise: Creating and/or optimizing a short statement for your customers that conveys what you do
  • Brand Value Proposition: Defining a promise of value derived from functional and emotional benefits
  • Brand Positioning: Solidifying where you fit into the marketplace, who your top stakeholders need to be, and how to reach them
  • Target Audience(s): Your ideal buyers, users, stakeholders
  • Your Mission: Helping you redefine your ultimate goal and properly put it into verbiage
  • Tone of Voice: How you want to come across to your stakeholders. Playful? Serious? Comical? Trendy? We can help.
  • Elevator Pitch: A 30-second, clear-cut description of your value proposition for stakeholders and potential consumers
  • Brand Pillars: Defining your most important selling points to further your business strategy
    • Headline Benefits: Defining key benefit statements that support each of your brand pillars
    • Supporting Attributes: Solidifying functional and emotional attributes that support the headline benefits

2. Creating the Brand Identify & Brand Style Guide

  • Defining your brand identity to include guidelines about how your brand appears, such as naming, logo, tagline and logo lock-up

Brand guide includes…

  • Color usage
  • Typography options
  • Guidelines on illustration and photographic styles
  • Proper use of logos, taglines and fonts
  • Infographics
  • Brand positioning and core branding pillars

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