Digital Executive Thought Leadership Program

Thought Leadership provides the opportunity to evangelize company culture, gain partnerships and build a professional voice in your industry.

Your business is evolving, and your image should to.

Personal Branding sounds like something reserved for high executives, celebrities and media influencers. In the world of digital business, new leads are waiting to meet you from a personal point of view, with the purpose of connecting with your services, experiences and brands.

Now, at all corporate levels, you could showcase your image in a dynamic way and according to your professional objectives. Your target market is smarter and demands more than promises, they are looking for experiences and authenticity.

In fact, effective personal branding will differentiate you from the competition and allow you to build trust with prospective clients.

Building your professional brand voice.

The thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in the field of expertise. They and their brands have the power to be trusted source of information and inspire people with innovative ideas and success experiences.

Thanks to your thought leadership, your personal brand could be strong that a total stranger can quickly position you as a person of credibility.

As a matter of fact, Personal branding will help you establish your name as a thought leader as well as gaining recognition in your area of expertise.

How BrandMe Up will help you?

We help you build a Professional Brand Voice.


We focus exclusively on thought leadership and digital B2B positioning. We craft contents- in your own words- and place it in front of a global audience.


How we do it?


We build a comprehensive positioning strategy focused on massive media and digital positioning.


We monitor, measure and provide tracking reports based in your most important KPIs.


We find the right mix of tools and tactics based on your career stage and your industry.


We help you to build your own professional brand voice and share a corporate image related with the brand you represent.

Do you know your Social Selling Index?

A powerful KPI that determines where you’re positioned in your industry.

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